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  • Paskelbta: 2019-09-24 15:20
    Howdy Hunters,Here is a hotfix tackling some of the various crashes that have been reported, while we continue working on others.Regards,theHunter: Call of the Wild team.
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  • Paskelbta: 2019-09-19 17:09
    Howdy Hunters,We have just released a little hotfix, the only change is listed as below:Game Improvement: Improvements to security/performanceAs soon as we have nailed down some of the crashes users are experiencing, there will be another hotfix.Thanks all,TK
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  • Paskelbta: 2019-09-18 16:01
    Howdy Hunters!We are happy to announce that the brand new High-Tech Hunting Pack is now available! It contains: The Koter CB-65 Compound Bow GenZero 8X50 Night Vision Binoculars GenZero 1-4x20 Night Vision Rifle Scope Brightsight Rangefinder Bow Sight Tracer arrows A new TruRACS animal, Roe Deer (Free)!Click here to buy, or Click Here[] to find out what comes in the pack, and all the juicy patch notes!
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  • Paskelbta: 2019-09-05 14:49
    Hello Hunters,We are pleased to inform you that for a limited time you are now able to purchase a bundle featuring all of our reserves at a discounted price, 25% less than if purchased individually. We had feedback from new players that they'd love a way to get their hands on all of the reserves together, we felt this was a great way to do so!The bundle is available up until October 4th, 2019.Purchase yours here:,//theHunter: Call of the Wild Team
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  • Paskelbta: 2019-08-23 17:39
    Hello Hunters,as of today we've started a "Biweekly Developer Q&A" initiative; your chance to get the burning questions you REALLY want the answers to right in front of the devs you'd like to see them. For full details check the thread here: Call of the Wild Team
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